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Nocturnal Day

Today is Nocturnal Day at school!   The children were asked to wear their Pajamas to school, to bring their favorite bedtime cuddler and something nocturnal for show & tell.

L dressed in her new Angry Birds PJs I got for her this past weekend from Walmart (or as certain breeds of Americans call it The WalmartS)  Her cuddly friend of course is LaLee, her favorite little blankie/burp cloth she has carried with her since birth and lastly her show and tell item – a little red fox that was mine when I was little.  The best part of that, is that I used to take that very same stuffed animal to that very same school when I was a child.  I brought that little fox with its larger Daddy fox into Mr. Castelli’s 4th grade class all the time.  It makes me sentimentally happy to see the little guy called back up from the stuffed animal box to once again be proudly paraded around Westmo Tech 🙂


On the moonlight branches
On a summer’s night
You can take your chances
You could take flight
Angry bird






There’s Perry!

It’s tough when your socialite’s schedule has both a Tea Party and Physical Education on it in the same day, but L found a way to make it work!

In her favorite purple Tee, L sported a Phineas & Ferb, I [heart] Perry shirt paired with a new blue plaid knee length skirt by OshKosh.  Troubled for shoes on such an opposite day of events, L chose her QQ Girl, Rainbow Leopard, Katy Hi-Top Sneaker with purple socks (pulled up!) and a matching sparkled head band.

Lastly, she selected a new smiley face necklace from The Justice Store 🙂

She’s cute in purple and blue!!

Oh Perry
Your extraordinary
Your kinda short and hairy
The color of a blueberry

Marty Madagascar!


Ready to watch Madagascar 3 !! L is sporting a pink sweater by Iz, skirt by Sanoma and rainbow sweats underneath. She finished the look with her dad’s Wolverine Steel Toes & Marty’s colorful clown wig! Ain’t she somethin’ ?!

I Love Zu!

So who shops at Zulily?

I personally love it!

I get only one email notification every morning listing the day’s new vendors – I skim through them for brands my family likes and end up with things usually more the 70% less then their normal retail price.

Now I know there are several sites like this.  Zulily and Totsy are the only two I have actually made purchases from. The only real problem with sites like this is that they are no more then an online TJ Maxx – You are at the mercy of the vendors … and you only have 3 days to shop that sale.  I prefer Zulily but if I have time I do check out Totsy.  Totsy sends odd emails at unscheduled times so I don’t always expect it or make it  a part of my daily routine.  In the end however, most of the vendors are the same just a few days apart.


The big difference I find between these two sites is the time frame for your shopping cart.  Now the vendors only offer so many items in certain sizes etc, so the supply is limited.  With Zulily I can add something to my cart on Monday and just have to remember to check out by Wednesday.  Of course if enough people purchase the item in that time frame, I may lose it (as often happens) but at least if I am busy or want to place one order over a few days of shopping, I have the option.


Totsy on the other hand, gives you only fifteen minutes for your shopping cart.  So if you’re a busy mom trying to do some shopping, make the kids lunch, check an email, que up the cartoons, and answer a text, you are never going to have enough time to browse the whole list of vendors and make your purchase.   The first time on Totsy I took about an hour to add things to my cart and was not only shocked, but a little disgruntled when I went to check out and things were gone.  I’m sure there is a reason for this fifteen minute cart feature, but it really is not user friendly for the busy mom.


The other advantage for Zulily, is the option within each sale to sort.  I can narrow it down to girls, size 5, etc.  Totsy does not allow that, so as I’m zooming through my fifteen minute shopping window, I waste time on sales that in the end weren’t even an option due to sizing.


I also cannot say enough about the Zulily Customer Service.  I’ve contacted them a few times about things and they are Johnny On The Spot with answers.  They also make good on their sales.  This spring I purchased a pair of sandals completely bedazzled in gems for my daughter.  The shoes were junk and the stones fell off the minute she put them on.  I contacted Zulily for the sellers info, and nothing more needed to be done.  They refunded my money with an apology!  On another occasion an item I had purchased was no longer available.  Those things happen – we all make mistakes.  They not only apologize for my inconvenience but also me store credit with the apology 🙂  That just makes me want to do business with them more.  I haven’t done enough business with Totsy to have to return anything, so I have no comparison to offer.

Both companies offer a refer a friend deal.  Totsy gives you $15 once the friend makes their first purchase.  Zulily gives you $20.  Now I don’t know a lot of people that shop on line enough to do this, but another woman that I know, that LOVES Zulily actually had cards made and when people notice her kids clothes or shoes, she actually gives them a business card with her referral information so that she gets that $20 kick back.  It’s not anything that I would benefit from doing, but if you run with a large circle of moms (or have 4 kids in a large school district like she does) this is a great idea!  I mean hey, why not!?


So that’s my take on these extreme deal websites for kids clothes.  My daughter is always dressed in unique, cool stuff that left several mother’s in her preschool class last year asking, Where do you shop for her?!!  The best part… I have never paid more then $25 for a complete outfit for this kid, and she looks spectacular!!




**Both of these sites sell more then just kids clothes, that’s just what I purchase the most from them**

My Jumping Bean

The Fashion Show continues as L dressed this morning to be Classroom Leader!

After brushing extra good today and double checking her smile’s gleam, she chose a light blue hooded dress by Jumping Bean and paired it with dark blue leggings by Carter.  Of course the same pink sneakers (that she wears every day) a snowflake necklace and a sparkling, blue, heart shaped headband!




Super Girl’s Back

It’s been a while since we’ve done any fashion blogging.  It seems right after I started this, my daughter started dressing, dare I say, Normal.

Today however she was back on her super cute, mish mash track AND wanted a picture taken of the mess!    [yay for me!]

Today’s look featured a Super Girl T from DC Comics (purchased at Kmart)  the shirt is very soft and she loves it.  The pants are Jumping Bean (from Kohls)  She has pink Smart Fit sneakers on from Payless, a super dazzling head band, an Ariel Necklace from the Disney Store, and the best part, Blackberry Ziggyheart Fingerless Gloves from Weberline Couture.


Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right
Oooh, fashion!
– David Bowie

The Pee Wee Prom

Last night my daughter and my husband both attended their very first Prom!

Instructed by the preschool not to purchase anything new and fancy for our children to wear my daughter was totally deflated with this news.  I knew she needed something special, so I took her to JC Penney’s Thursday evening where I knew they had beautiful dresses on sale.

She fell head over heels in love with a bright blue dress by Pinky.  The Pinky Shimmer Ballerina dress boasted a tooled skirt, sequence waist and of course bedazzled in jewels!   It was only $18 and when I got to the cashier I found out it was on further sale.  $11.82 total!!

Next we hit Claire’s Boutique and found perfect rose bud bobby pins and a lovely beaded heart necklace that matched her dress.  (this however we forgot to ever put on her)

L asked for a low bun in her hair which came out perfectly.  Her father suggested her black heels but with all the dancing I steered her towards the black ballet flats.

Her look was finished off with a surprise Corsage from Clinton Florist!

She looked spectacular and they both had a wonderful time!

And then she asks me, “Do I look all right?”

And I say, “Yes, you look wonderful tonight.”

– Eric Clapton